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Cobham/Aeroflex EAST500 * Capacity Test System's Cobham/Aeroflex EAST500 COBHAM/AEROFLEX
Capacity Test System's Cobham/Aeroflex EAST500

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 Recognized for outstanding achievement in LTE network testing 

Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), announced today that TMC, a global media company, has named the Aeroflex's EAST500 Network Capacity Tester a recipient of a 2010 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. 

"Aeroflex was chosen to receive a 2010 Product of the Year for exceptional advancements in mobile network testing," said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC. "The EAST500 demonstrated significant benefits for customers deploying LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile communications networks around the world. Congratulations to the entire team." 

"We are very proud to receive this important award which recognizes the value of the EAST500 Network Capacity Tester to the operators and network equipment vendors," commented Evan Gray, Product and Marketing Director at Aeroflex Limited. 

"The EAST500 enables our customers to meet the challenge of load and stress testing an LTE network, under real world conditions, to validate and assess operation, diagnose and find problems and to optimize performance," he added. "It is also built upon the proven platform of our highly successful TM500 network infrastructure test product, which has been in widespread use for LTE network testing since 2008." 

About the Aeroflex EAST500 LTE Network Capacity Tester 
The Aeroflex EAST500 LTE Capacity Test System's unique capabilities have brought it both sales and recognition in the market, and it has now won two Product of the Year awards. The EAST500 is an integrated system for LTE network capacity testing over RF with real data services and applications, based upon proven test solutions—the Aeroflex's LTE RF air interface technology integrated with load test capacity from EXFO Nethawk, Oulu, Finland. Both companies are leaders in LTE test. The Aeroflex TM500 Series User Equipment (UE) Test Mobile is the de facto industry standard for testing LTE infrastructure equipment. The NetHawk EAST system is deployed for LTE simulation by the majority of network vendors worldwide. The EAST500 hardware is flexible and scalable depending upon the number of UEs and number of cells required. The system offers true end-to-end LTE load testing over RF in both FDD (Frequency Domain Duplex) and TDD (Time Domain Duplex) environments. 

Key features and benefits of EAST500 include: 
• Addresses the challenge of system testing the LTE infrastructure prior to network rollout, including regression test and network optimization to ensure the network performance under loaded conditions delivers the best experience to subscribers; 
• Supports true LTE load testing over the RF interface in FDD and TDD environments; 
• Simulates from hundreds to thousands of LTE UEs over one to multiple cells; 
• Comprehensive Layer 1-3 measurements for trouble-shooting; 
• Generates traffic profiles using real data services and applications; 
• Supports remote access and multiple users; 
• Based on a high-performance hardware platform ready for 4x4 MIMO and extendable for LTE-A; and, 
• Gives early access to new commercial 3GPP roadmap technology before other capacity test systems. 

Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award
The Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award recognizes the vision, leadership, and thoroughness that are characteristics of the prestigious award. The most innovate products and services brought to the market from March 2010 through March 2011 were chosen as winners. A complete list of winners is published on the INTERNET TELEPHONY and Customer Interaction Solutions Websites at www.tmcnet.com. 

About Aeroflex LTE Expertise 
Aeroflex LTE leadership started with the delivery of test systems in 2007 and now continues with a complete range of end-to-end test systems that cover R&D, performance, service, and manufacturing test applications for LTE TDD and FDD network equipment and terminals. 

The TM500 Test Mobile family is in use with almost every base station manufacturer across the world, and can be regarded as the de facto standard for eNodeB development and testing. EAST500 is the only network capacity test solution that incorporates the proven Aeroflex TM500 LTE air interface. 

The Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set is a complete one-box test system providing all the tools required for the measurement and characterization of UE chip sets and mobile terminals to 3GPP LTE standards, including optional signal fading simulation. 

The PXI 3000 Series, modular RF test system based on PXI technology is a proven solution to accelerate throughput in manufacturing and time to market in R&D while catering for current and future RF test needs. It is particularly suited to modern cellular and wireless data communications and critical testing in a high volume manufacturing environment. 

Aeroflex has engineers working in centers around the world on its LTE and LTE-Advanced test systems, to support the current and next generation of networks and devices.

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